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Name: Dao Nguyen Quoc Bao
Nickname: Ladykiller
Boat#: MC 557
Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Name: Dao Nguyen Nha Dan
Nickname: May Lang Thang
Boat#: MC 590
Residence: Kansas, USA
Name: Hai Nguyen
Nickname: Unknown
Boat#: MB 792
Residence: California, USA
Name: Nguyen Huu Kien Quoc
Nickname: Lang Tu
Boat#: MC 453
Residence: Oregon, USA
Name: Le Hoai Nhan
Nickname: Tieu-Quayz
Boat#: MC 602
Residence: California, USA
Name: Tran Thi Hong Que
Nickname: Notranai
Boat#: MC 388
Residence: Georgia, USA
Name: Tran Ngoc Bao Tran
Nickname: OneWayLove
Boat#: MC 542
Residence: California, USA
Name: Nguyen Van Ven
Nickname: Unknown
Boat#: Unknown
Residence: Ca Mau, Viet Nam
Name: Thanh Nguyen
Nickname: Unknown
Boat#: MC 234
Residence: Texas, USA
Name: Quach Man Chi
Nickname: Phieu Du
Boat#: MC 557
Residence: Minnesota, USA
Name: Pham Ngoc Luong
Boat#: MB 479
Residence: Quebec, Canada
Name: Nguyen Bich Loan
Boat#: MC 525
Residence: Arabia

Name: Khoi Ho
Boat Number: MB971 - 018
Occupation: Technical Support Escalator working for Epson (make printers, digital cameras, scanners and projectors)
Past: I came to Pulau Bidong in March, 3, 1988. Left Pulau Bidong in July 1989 and left Sungei Besi on November, 1989.  In Pulau Bidong, I lived at D20/8.
Present: I live in Toronto, Canada now.  I am currently working on my MCSE for Windows 2000. I would like to be able to own a small computer related bussiness in VietNam and retire there.

Name: Pham Vu Anh Tuan
Boat Number: MC501
Nickname: Datin'
Occupation: High School graduate, gonna be a student at University of Iowa.
Past: Came to Malaysia 1989, left March 26 1996 to return Vietnam. Came to U.S. November 6 1998.
Present: Living in Davenport, Iowa.

Name: Long
Boat Number: MC164
Occupation: nghe^` nghie^.p thi` kho^ng co'
Past: o*? tra.i tu*` 88-90...sinh hoa.t GDPT ta.i tra.i ...le^n tra.i na(m 12 tuo^i?.
Present: hie^.n ddang ddinh cu* ta.i Toronto`n tuong lai ve^` sau thi` chu*a bie^'t.

Name: Qui Ha
Boat Number: MC096
Occupation: Hien gio Qui dang lam viec tai mot salad manufacture.
Past: Den dao ngay May 6 1988, roi dao vao June 6, 1989, roi sungeibesi vao July 25, 1989 den dinh cu tai Winipeg. Sau do 1 tuan thi ve Toronto den bay gio.
Present: Ontario, Canada.

Name: Nguyen Ly Dang Trieu
Boat Number: MC435004
Occupation: I am now working as an Marketing Expert for Nghi Son Cement Corporation.
Past: I returned to Viet Nam last October, 1994. Sungei Besi is something unforgetable.
Present: I am now living in Sai Gon.

Name: Quang Nguyen
Boat Number: MC453
Nickname: Sweetvirus
Occupation: Student
Past: I came to Pulau Bidong on April 1989 and went back to Vietnam on May 1995.
Present: Now I am living in Portland, Oregon, USA. I will try to study double majors in the next few years, it's hard, and I hope I can make it.